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Very nice app dai

Well done

Love it!!

Love this app. Thank god i found this app and now i can re-live my memories listening bulbul and srutisambeg. Thank you?

Cool App... But stopes playing when after the call

I have been listening to the Nepali music and all other foreign music using this app. It been working good for me so far except stops playing after the call. If that can be fixed.. that would be great. Thanks

Very awesome

Thanks for Nepali fm app.


loved it

Very nice app for Nepali

Go and get it


Really awesome app ever

Awesome app

Very good app. I am glad that I found this app while searching others. The smooth and easy to use app. Must have for all Nepali


Very good ??????


Well done. I was looking for an app like this to hear Nepalese music and radios. Thanks a lot.


Well done. I was looking for an app like this to hear Nepalese music and radios. Thanks a lot.


Very good


Hi can you add pathibhara fm radio indreni urlabari saptarangi fm sunakhari fm if you add all this fm I will definitely give you 5 star thanks?


This is the app I like the most. It had news video radio and now top hits.. awesome app!!

Cool app.

This app allows you to listen to FM radio stations in Nepal. Its a pretty cool app if you want to listen to radio stations from that region or if your trying to learn their language, this would be helpful for that. Its also nice to know the app developer is actively working on this app. Not to mention, I find it interesting to listen to even though I dont know the language theyre speaking. Different languages I dont know intrigue me.

Very nice app for Nepali folks

I like it because it is so reliable and easy to use. Good job

Great app

I love listening to music, especially English music. This app satisfies my hobby because it have a English radio tab and lots of channels inside. And I love the the function that I can record the channel that I like and it works like a charm. Thanks!


This app is one of the best one I have used as Nepali.. always updated and good info

Wake up

Hye developer, Why its stopped when I open Nepali patro? It would be broadcasted in back ground. And why dont you update the informations? Still this date (sept. 34th) the name of nepal PM is K P Oli?? Shame on you.

Improve awesome


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